my approach
by Josette


My approach begins with first attaining total engagement in the process of painting rather than the outcome. I always give myself plenty of permission to try my ideas and maintain a relationship of curiosity with the work while balancing the notions of invention and discovery. My work is visceral in its direct application of my experiences because that is the only place, I believe, only authentic art can stem from.

I begin my process by drawing the intended subject on paper and then onto canvas with charcoal. I typically use a 35mm slide projector to preview and develop placement variations. I apply an acrylic underpainting that gives my paintings its physical tone. I typically have 1-2 large scale pieces in progress at the same time; both ways of working
inform each other and provide me with a variety of ways to initiate, build and resolve pieces without being attached to the outcome. I let the underpainting dry for two days due to oil paint performing how I like when dry. I use colors that I’m drawn to. These can anywhere from colorful and bright to bold and muted.