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Josette Bozeman is an American artist, author and photographer currently residing in Leesburg, GA. Born in Albany, GA, Josette began exercising her artistic talents at a young age. Beginning with the mediums of dance at age three and photography at age five, she eventually began painting early in grade school. During her teen years, her paintings were featured in many local and county exhibits that got the attention of the local community. Recognized for her talent, she received a scholarship to study traditional fine art and illustration at the esteemed Ringling College of Art and Design. During that time, she learned the virtue of story telling through illustration. She fostered this experience when she became the author and illustrator of Visible Wreckage (2016) and Masterpiece (2017). 

Josette finds inspiration from Pop Art, Cubism, and Pictorial illustrators. Her heavy influences include Mary Blair, Frida Kahlo, and Norman Rockwell. She works with a variety of media but prefers oil, gouache & watercolor to tell her story. Her work is inspired by the human form and how it interacts with color, boldness, and illusion. One of her chief intentions is to tell the story of the modern woman’s quest for self-development, freedom, spirituality, and solidarity. She hopes her paintings engender the ultimate freedom of self-acceptance and the liberation of the judgement of others.

Josette lives in Leesburg, GA with her husband Jeremy Dollar, her daughters Chloe and Carlie, her step-son Aiden, and their sweet French Bulldog, Lola




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